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Hello there my fellow animaniacs! I’m new here and just looking for people to talk with.
Feb 07, 23 at 7:25am
Welcome to MO!
ilef @ilef commented on Introduction
Feb 07, 23 at 8:53am
Thank you!
Welcome, Curious Soul
I'm done with proper welcomes thanks to @wei_ying LOL she ruins everything heh... heh... But yeah welcome
Hi, my name is Cam I come from Texas,United states. My family is always been a bit confusing to me and I am finally 18 thank god!!!
Feb 07, 23 at 10:30am
Welcome to MO as well lol
Feb 07, 23 at 11:01am
Welcome to both of you! Hope you can enjoy it here and find good friends or that special someone ^-^
@tinyxgremlin @ilef and @kitsalex03 Fine, a proper intro. @wei_ying Don't ruin it or I'll use Za Warudo and steal your orange juice. Welcome to this glorious, dysfunctional site! I, am Curly, or "JoJo shitposting Lord of MO". You need anything JoJo related, I'm the man for that. Anyways that aside, I welcome the three of you with sincerity and open arms. I do so hope you accomplish what you seek here, whatever it's may be.
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