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What are you on Mo for?

Hello everyone, My name is coco. Pleasure in meeting you Guys. What are you all looking for on mo? Sorry, I know random question but I like to meet new people be friend them. I am also here to find that specail someone someday. However most importantly I'm here for friends that blossom into friendship if something happens then awesome it not. Friendship is better then a relationship half the time is what I think and believe anyway. I love to hear what you guys have to say. I don't mind being added and messaged. I do have a discord and a discord hang out server I find it easier to talk on then here at times.
Mar 06, 22 at 10:00am
came for love and found great friends instead best forum for meeting fellow anime fans, and even as far as anime dating sites go, its still the best. iv been on this site since it was a year old, and iv seen lots of users come and go, and all of them were really great people (i miss some of them)
Came back from nostalgia as it's a free place to meet people plus I'm pretty much at the bottom level of my life now so I can appreciate people and life a bit more. I just like having homies
Mar 06, 22 at 11:34am
Friends are most precious. It's the best way to get to know them to develop a relationship with then. I am still somewhat new here I do like this site.
Chew bubblegum and kick ass
Mar 06, 22 at 7:29pm
Nice lol
Mar 06, 22 at 8:49pm
I was originally here because it's labeled as a dating site, and wanted to dip my toes in online dating. That flopped, and then I treated this place as a way to make new friends instead, and I've gotten much more out of this site compared to what it calls itself. Pretty much the only reason I get on here nowadays is to talk to people.
Just joined to make friends since day 1. Seeing many recent relationships is great to see and hope it continues for everyone that is looking for it and also hope to see everyone who is looking for just friendship to find that as well... -Edit-
For great friends and acquaintances~ I've known some for 5 years or so~~Time flies~
Wanna find more people to talk about anime with and I'm also looking for a relationship with someone around my age
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