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Favorite 90s Anime?


Hi guys, i have been wanting to watch a show that came out in the 90s, i really like the style, so what are some of your favorite ones?


. . .ANYONE who knows me knows the answer

(Technically came out in 89 but it hit it's stride in the 90s so I count it. It stands to be one of my FAVORITE series since I was a child)


Some favorites form the 90's
-Outlaw Star (Action Adventure)
-Cowboy Bebop (Action Adventure)
-Trigun (Action Adventure)
-Kare Kano (Romance)
-Neon Genesis Evangelion (Mecha)
-Berserk (Action Adventure)

Some other ones:
-Slayers (Adventure Comedy)
-Ranma 1/2 (Martial Arts Comedy)
-Tenchi Muyo! (Comedy Romance)
-Serial Experiments Lain (Psychological Drama)
-Shadow Skill (Action Martial Arts)

What I could watch in the 90's was pretty limited. I didn't really start watching anime using the internet until 2000's.


-Legend of the Galactic Heroes (Ginga Eiyuu Densetsu)
-Initial D
-Detective Conan (it's still airing! lol)
-Cowboy Bebop
-Rurouni Kenshin
-Yu Yu Hakusho
-Dragon Ball Z
-Pokemon (mostly nostalgia)


Yu yu Hakusho

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