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Anyone seen Domestic Girlfriend?


I finished the anime recently and it's great! It's one season and I wanted more so I Googled it. I expected wild release date guesstimations indicating no one has a damn clue on when season 2 will come, but I found something worse... there are NO plans for a season 2! A silent scream rang out from within. Desperate for more, I did what I would never normally do.... and started reading the manga. I'm really enjoying it so far though I still haven't gotten to where the anime ended yet. I haven't read past manga chp 62 so please don't tell me who Natsuo ends up with.

** SPOILERS BELOW, based on anime and manga up to chp 62. STOP if you haven't seen/read it yet!!! **

My thoughts on the girls from the anime and the first 62 chps. of the manga:

MIU--She's kind, honest, caring and helpful, but tragically naive about love and relationships. She falls for Kiriya, who doesn't seem to be emotionally capable of loving people more than books, and is blind to the fact that it's unlikely he'll ever return her love. If she learns about love, realizes Kiriya isn't a good choice, and tries to find a she might make a good pick.

HINA--Seems like a good waifu choice on the surface because she's flirty, fun, and caring. But her lack of dedication to Natsuo is disturbing. She keeps questioning her relationship and in the end (of the anime) she dumps him just because life gets difficult, which is NOT what you want in a lifelong partner. NEXT!

MOMO--Share Hina's qualities of being flirty, fun and caring with an endearing sweetness that will melt your heart and a naughty side that will ensure at least one part of you will be happier than it's ever been. Oddly she somehow pulls off being both wise and airheaded. She did sleep with a classroom's worth of guys, but she's loyal, never had more 1 BF at a time and it was only because she kept ending up with the wrong guys. And as for her stuffed animal hobby, so what? Nothing wrong with it. The only potentially bad thing with her is she seems to fall in love much too easily which risks ending up in a beautiful relationship that heart-breakingly doesn't work out. But she's really great and with so much going for her she'd be worth that risk. If Natsuo ends up with Momo, I'd be good with it, but ofc that won't happen.

RUI--Behind her stone cold seemingly plain exterior beats a complex warm heart of gold. She's not the girl you want to date when you meet her, rather like fine wine she becomes sweeter with time. Unlike Momo, when she does fall in love, it's for real and for good reasons plus she shows it in adorable ways. And yeah she's naive about the world around her, but watching her try to figure out life is part of her charm and some of her viewpoints about things are interesting and refreshing. She's a truly loving caring girl who's honest, loyal, and dedicated. Even when Rui finds out Natsuo, after kissing Rui without a word about loving anyone else, was in love with Rui's sister Hina the whole time and Rui is rightly upset at him, Rui still cares enough to help him get home and help him out when he needs it. She selflessly forgives both Hina and Natsuo despite her own wishes and that's a sign of a really amazing girl. At the end of the anime Hina left and when Rui started putting the moves on Natsuo again, I'm like... YAS!!! Natsuo you idiot DON'T mess it up this time! Team Rui for the win!!! Rui = Best Girl imo. But this is RomCom and I'm guessing that Hina will be the chosen one. Oh well. It's still a great anime/manga and I'm gonna enjoy the heck out of every moment of it!


ooooff love 3angle.... it was boring but I finished and manga forver... at least best than anime, and for me Domekano totaly finished
p.s boring


@nikki_nk @nikki_nk

Good timing, I just finished it last night lol. Boring? Imo for the most part not at all. I really enjoyed it overall and loved the characters they created, not just the mains but most of them, even the minor ones. They were well fleshed out, had unique personalities and were quite interesting. I won't spoil here but there things I definitely would've changed, especially in the last several chps. And without spoiling/giving details that one arc late in the manga where the onion monster just hit you so hard... you know the one if you read it... omfg that was so incredibly good, a true masterpiece.

The premise may be cringy asf lol, ** CHAPTER 1 SPOILER BELOW**
with a dude that has a one-night stand with a girl, is in love with his teacher, then both of them get step-sistered to him and all of them live together... is just OOOOF but that's part of the humor in the story at times (though it's not overused either) and oddly it's what makes the story interesting and makes it all work, there's just no easy way to explain it.

Nov 10, 21 at 11:52am

For me it was alright, nothing amazing. But the being in a relationship with an under age kid thing is very off putting.


The first time I encountered this I found it to be interesting due to the controversial nature. I would say it's presented rather well for what it is. I've since lost interest and haven't looked back though.

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