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Anyone in New England?

Hey everyone! Super excited to join the community and hopefully make some connections! I grew up in Massachusetts but currently live in New Hampshire! Ideally I'd love to meet up with people, so finding local fans would be the best way to do that. So with that said, is anyone here from the New England area? If so let's chat! ^_^
How goes it fellow New Englander?
Hi there, I live in New England too.
Oct 27, 21 at 12:21pm
Greetings fellow New Englanders! I've pretty much come to expect the hobbies of people living in this area are limited to camping, dynamite fishing, and hunting Bambi's kin from the back of a Howitzer equipped quad runner while shouting "it's coming right for us!" a la the South Park hunting ep. so I was surprised to find anime fans in this region. =D
Sounds like an average weekend for the wilderness of VT, NH and ME.
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