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Mea’s Art!

Jul 24, 21 at 6:24pm

been thinking of doing this for a while now… so i guess i might as well. maybe this way ill be better motivated to keep it up! XD anyways, this thread is for all the artwork i have done and will do in the future. feel free to leave your thoughts and criticisms! im all ears for any way i can improve. after all, feed back is one of the most important things for an artists improvement! hope you all enjoy! :3

Jul 24, 21 at 6:27pm

This is one of my better in pencil drawings. Its Yui from SAO


You see...I can cook....I can clean...I can dive .....I just cannot draw without giving up halfway and making excuses not to finish it
P.s : I love it :D

Jul 25, 21 at 1:32am

Something about the legs is bothering me, but overall I like it. Thanks for sharing.

Jul 25, 21 at 11:04am

heres another drawing i did a while back. its one of my favorite anime character, Mea Kurosaki! (ps: my pfp)

Xin @xinmage commented on Mea’s Art!
Jul 25, 21 at 11:55am

Her ear looks like it's stapled crooked to the back of her head. Even her left eye looks to be wincing in pain, haha. I give the Tootsie Pop in her hand 3 out 10 licks.


I should make an art thread when my laptop is fixed and I can scan everything.

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