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Any good amv's you enjoy?

Jul 20, 21 at 8:01am

This inspired me to start making amvs myself


This one inspired me to do amvs, pretty good considering the year it was made.

Jul 20, 21 at 7:23pm


Back in 2009 this inspired me to make my own AMVs:

And if you want to watch my own AMVs, those can be found here nowadays: http://www.dailymotion.com/188Eternal

Jul 20, 21 at 8:26pm

This is what inspired me to make an amv. Back in the early days of amvs people would put all the best scenes at the start and then they run out of ideas so they throw in random fight scenes lol

Wow, this amv is now 14 years old...


i use to go on amvs.coms (i think that's what it was called) and watch them before class started

best way to start the day

Jul 21, 21 at 1:10pm


@harvest i love that one so much. was my favorite back in the day


The nostalgia mang. Back when youtube was still so young. Back when I was a young boomer. I used to watch DBZ amvs. Linkin Park soundtracks oof son!

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