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Dumb jokes

Just a place for dumb jokes.
What did the one ocean say to the other? Nothing, they just waved.
Sven and Ollie were out deer hunting when a man came out and said "don't shoot. I'm not a deer." Ollie then shot the man causing Sven to ask "Ollie, why did you shoot him. He said he wasn't a deer." Ollie replied, "oh, I thought he said he was a deer."
A man is on his death bed. He asks, "is my wife here?" She replies, "yes Darling, I am here." He asks, "are my children here?" They reply, "yes Father, we are here." He asks, "are my grandchildren here?" They reply, "yes Grandpa, we are here." He asks, "are all my other relatives here?" They reply, "yes, we are all here." He finally asks, "then why is there a light on in the kitchen?"
Why is the ocean so salty? It spends all day waving at the beach but gets nothing in return.
What drink is both bitter and sweet? Reali-tea.
May 13, 21 at 6:58pm
What is Hue Hefner's favourite Vegetable? Porn on the cob.
Why can't a t-rex clap their hands? Because they're extinct.
What's large and grey and doesn't matter? An irrelaphant
May 13, 21 at 9:40pm
A man walks into a bar and says, "Ouch."
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