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Hormonal Migraine issues


Has anyone heard of someone having a almost daily issue with hormonal migraines? I'm talking about getting a headache that quickly turns into a migraine and the issue keeps happening every 1-3 days sometimes 2 days in a row(anything that causes arousal can shorten the time span between migraines). Pain pills barely touch it even when taking 3 at once. So far the only "fix" seems to be "intimate" time with the partner, private time alone only lessens the issue from like a 10 down to an 8. Anybody know someone with this kind of issue/any ideas how to handle it?


How to handle it? You don't, since I'm guessing it's your girlfriend. Also, has she been diagnosed or is this just a google educated guess? There are metric shit ton of reasons a person can get migraines and daily is worth, VERY worth going to a doctor for. My ex wife, for instance, had a pseudo tumor when she was younger, but she still gets fluid build up at the base of her spine, by her head. That causes increased pressure, potential blindness and of course, migraines. For her, as with most, it's waiting it out, covering eyes, resting in a dark quiet room, cold/warm compress on the head and just dealing with it until it goes away.

Also, if she's taking anything with acetaminophen, be careful with how much and how often. That can destroy the liver.


That's kind of what I was afraid of and kind of what I figured up to this point already. She's been diagnosed if you could call it that. In my opinion most of her doctors before we got together didn't even deserve to be referred to as doctors and were quite incompetent. Right now she has a new doctor but she's only been to one appointment so there's still a lot of groundwork to cover since she couldn't get ahold of her previous records. Up to this point her doctors, and one hospital visit that I took her to in my State all ended up saying that there's not really much that they can do about it and that it seems like it was hormonal. For her the passage of time no matter what she does, it only seems to make it worse. There have been times where because we have been at somebody's house for a few days and there were no opportunities to be alone for my work schedule excetera I was unable to help her with the issue so I've seen firsthand how no matter what she tries it pretty much just gets worse over time. There have been a lot of screw-ups in the last half a year or so with her getting the Depo shot and stuff so that's not helping any either and I'm hoping that once we can get her on a good schedule with that that she will hopefully have at the very least lessened symptoms?


I didn't know that about the acetaminophen so I'll look into that tonight or tomorrow to see if she has anything with that. For the most part this doesn't put a strain on the relationship for me very much but I know it stresses her out a lot because she's the one who has to go through the migraines and she feels like she's putting too much of a burden on me and I know she doesn't like the idea of anything close to scheduled intimate moments which is understandable so my biggest issue with this problem is more of how it affects her because I don't like her having to deal with this pain so often especially if I'm not able to help and if I'm the only way to help and I don't want her beating herself up over something like this oh, I don't want her feeling like she's a burden to me.


One. Hormonal? How? Is it mainly before or right after her period? If it's EVERY DAY, get a second , third, forth opinion...etc. You'd have to say "But, why? Not all women get migraines like that."

It's funny what doctors won't take as serious when it's a woman having the issue. Hell, I had a girlfriend many years ago that wasn't diagnosed until her twenties with endometriosis, despite always saying how bad her periods hurt.

Two. Acetaminophen is a pain killer, AKA Tylenol. But,most pain killers are horrible for you in the long run. I definitely don't blame a person for trying when in pain, though. They have much better stuff that can be prescribed, if she's gone to doctor's like you said. Even so, I'd be more interested in the exact reason of "Why?" more than anything.

But, don't mind me, I'm just a very, very simple layman.

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