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Demon slayer movie

Anyone going to see the demon slayer movie soon?
Apr 16, 21 at 8:52pm
I want to but I am going to be in Texas at the time of release.
Still wanna watch the series first, but Funny enough Mugen Train actually comes out on my birthday. I know this cause last week I went to see a movie with my friend and his girlfriend (we ended up seeing Lord of the Rings)
May 23, 21 at 12:42am
I saw it. The movie was great. It makes me even more excited for Season 2.
May 26, 21 at 12:04pm
The ending for the film was way different than I had anticipated. The main antagonist was something of a tad underwhelming, though in the grand scheme one could argue that was on purpose. To show the vast difference in power-scale between an upper ranking demon and everything else. - The art was nothing short of colorful and vibrant. Its use of CGI could still have been better utilized. However it wasn't nearly as terrible as many other contemporaries. - Demon Slayer's music soundtrack was ambient, but I personally can't remember any bangers. - In summary, I give it a B+. Look forward to the next season or series of movies. https://otakubaka.com/images/large/kimetsu-no-yaiba-mugen-train-is-already-the-second-highest-grossing-film-in-japan-1606711514.jpeg
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