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35 year old Female
Last online about 1 year ago
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happy late birthday
Still wanna watch the series first, but Funny enough Mugen Train actually comes out on my birthday. I know this cause last week I went to see a movie with my friend and his girlfriend (we ended up seeing Lord of the Rings)
That sucks so bad I’m sorry
Apr 16, 21 at 8:52pm
I want to but I am going to be in Texas at the time of release.
Jacob @jacobl89 Naw. Going down for a reason. I can always watch it later on in the year when they put it on Netflix. Plus I saw the manga so I know what happens.
Jacob @jacobl89 left a comment for kamiccolo
Mar 18, 21 at 6:58pm
No but seriously I would love to talk dragon ball.
Jacob @jacobl89 left a comment for kamiccolo
Mar 16, 21 at 2:14am
Thinking of Kami and Piccolo looking at the user name and seeing someone this cute conflicts me. Congratulations. I am just going to skip a corny pick-up line like normal and send a friend quest.
I thought so. I have never seen any of the Dragon Ball media. I want to get into it, but it's a bit overwhelming. I'm a completionist, once I start a series it has to be finished, otherwise I don't know how it ends and that bothers me xD.
How about your first anime? Mine was Inuyasha.
Death Note was amazing. The back and forth chess game between Light and L was simply one of the most compelling things I've ever seen in anime. Don't you think so?
Hi! I'd love to chat with you about anime.
dreww24 @dreww24 left a comment for kamiccolo
Oct 28, 20 at 6:03pm
Hey sorry for being late. but wow yeah super late reply from you as well. I forgot about it...lol How is life since then? for the past 10 months...lol How are you?
mrorange @mrorange left a comment for kamiccolo
Feb 11, 20 at 4:37pm
Dragon ball Z ;O; Nice username!