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Anyone interested in virtual group to watch anime with me?


This came up to me when I was talking with my sister and since I wanted to meet new people. Would anyone be interested in having an online group chat (Discord or otherwise). I think it would be a fun idea. If any are interested just HMU on this thread and I can set something up. Anyone is welcome. otherwise If any of you already have one, I would love to get involved whenever it happens.

How I would set it up:
-depending on how many participate are interested in the first meeting, everyone but myself will show a trailer of an anime show or movie on youtube.
(Normally I would pitch one in, but this time I wanted to let people send me some to make it more interesting
-We all then vote for one in the chat, and the one with the most votes gets to be watched
-mics are allowed, but any funny commentary must be in text form.

Anime I have banned from being pitched and reason for it:
-Eromanga sensei
-Konosuba (I love it so much, but I have seen it a dozen times both subbed and dubbed)
-Ghibli films (cause they are so good, that they are overqualified)
-Anything that is hentai


There is one. Waiting to see if any more are interested.


i only have about 15tb of anime give or take while i dont mind a share id pref there be girls to im trying to make friends and work on social skills pm me or add me if u wanna talk =3

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