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I need a girlfriend




So, apparently, my comment above needs clarification. Thus, in the interest of transparency, I shall explain and translate to English for all interested parties.

デリカシーがないね。[No delicacy yea?]
草 [Japanese slang for ROFL]

The OP is posting a demand for a girlfriend on a public forum. I believed it is lacking in delicacy, therefore, I mentioned so in a lighthearted tone using a laugh.

I was expecting the normal kind of reply of "oh, haha, I guess so" type of reply, maybe even that he would play off of it and make himself out to be a fun guy that is able to laugh off potential mistakes. Instead, it looks like I have unintentionally insulted him, and have become an internet troll in his eyes.

For further clarification, I did not expect my comment to be illegible to others on this site. I know for a fact that there are many other users here on MO that are able to read basic Japanese. This is a site for otaku after all.

I will make this very clear. I did not intend to be insulting with my comment. I am not personally attacking anyone. I was trying to make light of an awkward situation, and possibly offer a way to extend the conversation out to be more relaxed.

@tatsuro_yanagi It may not seem like it, but I do wish you luck. We are all looking for our other halves, it's tough out here for most of us.

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