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Popular YT Channels About Japan


What YouTube channels about Japan do you usually view?

Well, I usually view Nobita from Japan, That Japanese Guy Yuta and sometimes HelloLilly.

Nobita seems well informative, but can sometimes criticize too much. Yuta sounds calm, but can be serious toned (neither loud nor harsh). Lilly sounds good speaking Japanese and English. Her information is good for those in Japan and America wanting to know more about each other. But some of what she said is true, but not in most of America.


I like to watch this channel, too: ONLY in JAPAN * G

tabieats is one of the channel I'm watching for a long time now (or his further channel "I will always travel for food")

and don't forget Cathy Cat! I admire her language skills (German, English, Japanese)


I've only watched Nobita a handful of times. I like that he takes on controversial topics like dating, race, etc. I've watched a handful of videos about people who live in Japan. Probably foodie stuff, tbh. Ramenheads and such. lol


For recipes, there are Hidamari Cooking and Namiko Chen's Just One Cookbook.

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