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Are we Otaku's?

a further clarification if you don't understand programming or logical terms, I realize that might be a little alien to some as to what I wrote. "=" means equivalent "!" means not thus, "!=" means not the same
This account has been suspended.
This account has been suspended.
Feb 09, 21 at 8:19pm
@blissfulforce1818 he's just hurt because he has to make others feel bad because he himself is a depressed piece of shit. Who are we to judge anybody on their hobbies or likes. We are all different
Feb 09, 21 at 8:26pm
ANY obsession where it effects your life in a detrimental way is a bad thing. If you are comfortable being a shut in, but you're not a dreg on society, have at it. I'm in no position to argue healthy for ones mind, but if they're happy and not harming anyone, enjoy.
Feb 09, 21 at 8:33pm
@yasshat exactly. If what others do doesn't affect you in any way. Then there's no reason to complain about what others do in their lives
Thus, I attempted to explain the meaning when used in context, at least in Japan, as it is a Japanese word. Unless living in Japan for an extended period of time and studying Japan academically for years is not a qualification for having a legitimate opinion on such a topic? "Otaku" in Japan is used in a very similar fashion to the English word "Nerd", and the societal connotations of the word have changed, especially recently in the last decade or so. It is generally a neutral term now, though it does have a tendency to be used negatively, as obsession can often be a toxic thing. Often, the understanding of a word's use can be outdated, depending on if you have been keeping up with popular culture and trends. Languages are living things, and change over time. I must admit that I am somewhat behind when it comes to Japanese slang these days. 草
Yeah we would be considered otaku for the most part, it's sort of a negative term but connotations change over time. I expect otaku to be considered a more normal term as anime, manga, and videogames have become more normal. Back then, videogames and comics in the USA were seen as fringe hobbies, but now they are considered normal. Otaku is basically the same as the western equivalent of being considered a nerd or a geek. It's just culture changes over time. Fringe elements are created by a few, then those fringe elements become more widely adopted until they are common, then later a new set of fringe elements will be created and the cycle starts again. o7
Feb 09, 21 at 9:10pm
i prefer oh-taco
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