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Looking for hangout partners in 2021


Females preferred because I think the experience would do me more good but open to a guy too. I'll be 28 next year and live in New England, USA area. I'm not very talkative but my personality type is happy go lily and I consider myself an alternative male.

For our trip, I'll be dyeing my hair red and will be wearing a pink hoodie with animal ears. I consider myself good looking enough. I refuse to drink alcohol, smoke or do drugs. If you live near the New England area, let me know. Maybe we can go to anime in Boston together? I'm kinda quiet, but a person you can trust. I'll share selfies end of year.


Oh yeah, 21+ only please.


Sorry, I don't like em bald Lul


I-I'm not bald yet



"yet" Lol


W-Well... I might have 3 more years of hair and stuffs >.>


How do you feel about Hamburger Helper? This is the real deciding question of our potential compatibility!


@gabriel_true i haven't had that in a very long time XD

i like your hair though


What's all this talk about baldness?
Some adults just have very thin hairlines. This doesn't mean that they are growing bald. It just means that they naturally are less hairy than other adults.
I'm 36 and have been having a very thin hairline ever since my early-20ies, and 1 of my college professors was in his 50ies and his hair looked almost as thin as mine and he said that he also had it looking this way for many decades.

Anyways, regardless of how much hair you may be having, this shouldn't be a barrier for finding a partner. Especially if you're looking for a partner who cosplays.

Speaking of which, if there's any adult female up in Canada in the province of Ontario who is looking for a cosplay partner once the pandemic disappears, feel free to add me and chat with me through the DMs.

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