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Female Virtual Streamer Projekt Melody getting banned on Twitch


I wanted to make a thread to bring awareness to a female streamer I respect as an all around cool person who recently got banned on Twitch.

For those who are unaware, Projekt Melody is a VTuber with an anime avatar that talks about weeb stuff, streams herself playing videogames, and even streams lewd stuffs.

Her channel:


Long story short, this dude who she paid 5 thousand dollars to do all the art an animation for her virtual avatar started extorting her on twitch threatening to claim all the rights to her avatar if she didn't meet all of his demands. She tried reasoning with him but it got out of control and he managed to get her banned on twitch. The dude has even been throwing shade at her twitter account harassing her every day saying she never paid him but she did.

Full story here:

It's a shame that anyone would have to be extorted with their livelihood at stake. This woman is just getting started with her streaming career and already vultures are out for her. Check her out and show her some support <3


Projekt Melody is adorbs and radical. Not into the drama side of things but it is too bad that people are giving this great performer/personality a hard time. Though with her fan base I'm sure she'll end up being fine :)


Soooooo she cant make a new avatar? I dont see the problem here. See im sure some fans came for the waifu. But a majority are probably there for her personality. If she says fuck it, imma get a new avatar and then make it legally binding the property is hers. Problem solved.


Its not hard to switch avatars, ironmouse did it. Its not impossible. Seems like first world problems to me.


This was from a year ago. I know I've seen her posting videos recently.

Personally I prefer Drumsy. You should go subscribe to them and tell them they are the one true vtuber waifu.


@hell_hound7 my man. You know I love ya. But let's be real. Any Vtuber problem is a first world problem xD

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