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HorribleSubs is no more.


As the topic says, the subbing group called HorribleSubs has closed up shop. That really sad news for the subbing community and for anime viewers. They've been providing subbed anime to the community for over a decade.

I'm very sad to seem them go.

Oct 07, 20 at 10:55pm

It came as a shock, but it's not like they made any subs themselves. They just ripped cr subs, like with Erai-raws. If anything this might help bring back the subbing scene that hs/cr killed in the first place.


How did it kill the subbing scene? You've got dozens of groups doing subs, but they each only cover a small portion of the shows, and they all use different formats for the encoding.

What I liked about HS was that for 10 years it was a one stop shop for what I wanted to watch. They encoded nearly all the anime that aired, in standard formats, in one place, without having to sift through a half dozen duplicates of half dozen shows, all posting on the same day. It's a mess. HS simplified it in a big way.

What I will miss is the simplicity and convenience.

Oct 11, 20 at 7:46pm

Did you not notice all the subgroups that disappeared? with HS and CR putting out subs as fast as they were, everyone just sort of lost motivation. It's a very time consuming tedious process which often gets little thanks or recognition in return. With the process streamlined, there was no need for fansubbers anymore outside of the few anime CR wouldn't touch, and even those struggled at times to get subs.


Fair enough, but look at the lack of consistency and mess these small under-motivated groups make.

They aren’t consistent with what shows they do, their release dates, the encoding methods, or file sizes.

Every week it seems like i have to download from a different source for a single show.

It’s nice people make the effort, but the community needs some consistency and reliability.


You can use Nyaa.si its a torrent search engine. It still has most of the last horrible sub torrents on it. I tested it out the other day and can confirm it works.


I was just reading about how people including me miss the old fansubs for one piece ever since HS basically amde them obsolete (the one where they animated the attack font and stuff) And someone showed this XD it had me dying it so true.

Oct 18, 20 at 3:22pm

Yeah it's gonna be a rocky road in the weeks and maybe months to come. Everyone kept saying Erai-raws this, Erai-raws that. But then Erai-raws is garbage, so now everyone's saying to use SubsPlease.
Personally I just use whatever is on xdcc, and try not to focus too much on the subs anyway. Seems like a good of a time as any to try and improve one's japanese aptitude.


My only issue with them is their unreasonably large file sizes.

They may be pushing out lots of subs using similar methods as horriblesubs, but they don’t understand video compression at all.

480p shouldn’t be over 180mb, and 780p shouldn’t be over 360mb

Depending on your encoding and compression methods, you can even get 1080p down to 300mb. Especially with anime which has a lot so still scenes.

How compression works:

I-frames, are a full picture.

P-frames, contain only the pixels from the previous image that changed, and refer back to the previous i-frame for the rest of the pixels in the frame.

i-frame, p-frame, p-frame, p-frame, i-frame... and the pattern repeats.

The higher the compression, the less often you have i-frames.

You can’t compress real life movies as much due to how much the camera and background moves. There’s too many constantly changing pixels. But in anime, with a lot of consistent colors, often only slight changes in the background, and less actual motion. The amount of data in the p-frame is a lot smaller and can make for much smaller file sizes.

Lets say an i-frame is 500kb

Depending on the amount of pixel change, p-frames can be anywhere from 1kb to 500kb, often averaging closer to 75kb.

If you don’t understand how this works, every frame turns into an i-frame, and you end up with 1gb files for a 25 minute show.

Compression on anime is actually very efficient and effective without losing image quality. Which is very different from real life films.

They are clearly amateurs that don’t get that.

Lossless (zero compression) sounds good, but it’s not always the right choice.


If you see a 1080p anime torrent and wonder why it’s only 230MB, that’s why.

They understand compression.

It’s also why file sizes vary so much. Every show has different amounts of motion which change p-frame size.

Yes you can over compress, but the affects are way less noticeable in anime.

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