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Fall 2020 Anime Season


"The FALL 2020 Anime Season's Discussion Thread"

Which anime are you looking forward to watching this season?


Click here for a more detailed list. https://anichart.net/Fall-2020

I'm sure last season was pretty disappointing for a lot of you. Some of the ones I was looking forward to turned out cringingly bad. Hopefully the this coming season will be better.

I'm looking forward to another season of "The Irregular at Magic High School" and "Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?" They were both fairly fun to watch. If you haven't seem their earlier seasons, they are worth the watch.

And apparently there is a spin off of "Inu-yasha" involving their children. That's a bit nostalgic. I just hope they don't carry on a 1000 episodes without ever making any progress in defeating their arch enemy.

And why on earth are they doing a remake of "Higurashi no Naku Koro ni"?


Definitely curious about Jujutsu Kaisen since I've been eyeing the manga, the Dragon Quest anime cause I love the games (even though design doesn't appear to be by Akira Toriyama), the new Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, and the new Inuyasha. Hoping it doesn't end up with 200 episodes packed with fillers like the previous one though. Also the 100-man no Inochi anime looks interesting.


majo no tabitabi looks interesting but then again im sucker for anime withches so it could be bias also looking forward to Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka.season 3 and and the hiigurashi remake


Let's face it, I'm bound to watch about 65% of them... The "The Irregular at Magic High School" movie mad 0 sense....so either the translation was bad or I really need to rewatch to remember wtf was going on.

Nice to see you around @a_wesley_g !

I haven't caught up with Haiyukuu or dungeon bc I didn't want to wait for another season. I like binging it all in one go. xD

Was disappointed in Fruits Basket.. I just wanna know the flipping end already (don't spoil it...but just wish I could watch it.) Hanako-kun and the toilet was adorable tho <3 idr the right name.


I agree "100-man no Inochi" does look interest. As a gamer, that genre are typically fun to watch.

If you watched the last 2 episodes, the movies might make a tiny bit more sense. But truthfully, the plot just came out of nowhere and didn't have much at all to do with the main series, and was more of just a random arc.

I kinda agree about Fruit basket, but Honda's friends were pretty lovable characters, so I kept watching.

I like to binge watch a series too. Waiting for episodes sucks. I may need to go back a binge watch some Danmachi. I remember the plot taking a pretty serious twist at the end of each arc. But I kinda forgot the details.

@fran I believe we are all suckers for anime witches.




I was wrong. "The Irregular at Magic High School" movies ties the first the last season and the new season together.


Excited for Haikyuu.


AFTER ALL THE SHERLOCK ANIME....FINALLY MORIARTY GETS A SERIESSS...please dont fuck this show uppppp please make it twisted and fucked up just like moriarty is onegaiiiiiiiiii

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