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Is the Switch Lite Good?


I'm thinking of getting a Switch Lite, maybe 2nd hand so it's cheaper. Are there any issues with it? I heard Switch v1 has battery issues so Im avoiding that. How long do you charge it before it's full? Im excited for free games like Dauntless on Switch and Rogue company.


I bought a normal switch because it comes with a TV hook up. Switch lite is essentially just a big DS handheld. That battery seems to work fine for me but again I keep mine hooked to the TV so I can actually enjoy my games instead of squinting at a small screen.


I really don't get why having a video out to the TV qualifies for $100 more on the pricetag. Even more strange is why the Switch Lite can't connect to the TV. A video out circuit doesn't cost that much and doesn't take up much room on the PCB. Way too much doesn't add up with both variants.


I agree. But hell in Japan apparently they charge extra to have a power cord!

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