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I am having trouble reading my inbox due to a storm. Message me here.


Aw that sucks
Was just saying how Misa's outfit is probably one of my favourites of that style


I know, Misa is hot as fuck. My favourite outfit is her first one with the lace gloves.


I totally missed this one, this one is good.


Rip your inbox, F.


Misa was really hot. Too bad she was dumb as shit. XD


just came here to say misa was an awesome character and fuck the people that say she ruined the series


I know, it's on and off, sometimes I can't read previous messages, it's really annoying. Hopefully it'll stop being an issue after the storm.

Misa only became dumb as shit after she met Light. Before that she was smart enough to track him down without him realising. I didn't like what she turned into much, but she's still one of my girls.


She did not! The series was ruined when N and M turned up!

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