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Do all guys have Asian fever?

Jul 31, 20 at 7:50pm

Today I watched an experiment video of a guy selecting from a random group of women who he finds attractive. I noticed that every single Asian woman was picked. It got me thinking. Do I know any guys who find Asian women not attractive? The answer? Every guy I know has Asian fever to some degree. But why? I don't even know, myself. I guess it is similar to the strong female tendency to reject all men that are shorter than they are. Watch this video to see the effect in action:

If there are any guys on this site that consider themselves to have Asian fever, why do you think that is? Better yet, if there are any guys that don't particularly find Asian women attractive, I'd like to know about that as well.


why? seems because asian women tend to be conditioned to be more passive

only problem is the ones that are traditional don't want white guys. japan is basically an ethnostate.

just my theory though

Jul 31, 20 at 7:57pm


That's what I originally thought, is that they tend to be more passive. However, I'm not really into passive women.

You know, I wonder if is because the faces of Asian women are more rounded. Men are already programmed to be more attracted to curvy hips. That's my best guess.


It's because Asian girls dress as maids and all your favorite anime characters and look natural doing it

It'll take America let alone any other countries about 50 years to be as kawaii as japan


thats stereotyping though

your looking at young models, the typical asian beauty standard in japan at least is a pointed chin, not a round face


eh, I've never particularly had a preference for asian girls. I've dated some asian girls but my experience with dating has been a pretty big mix because I find women of every ethnicity attractive in their own way. So far I've dated white girls, black girls, asian and hispanic at one point or another. Them as an individual attracted me more than whatever ethnicity they were. Though yeah, I definitely noticed there are a lot of dudes that have 'asian fever'

I feel like it's partly because of some perceived notion that asian women are just the perfect ultra-feminine submissive & docile waifus or something? That and probably the added 'exotic' factor? *shrug*




My weakness uwu

Jul 31, 20 at 8:17pm

I lost my virginity to a half Japanese girl UwU
In general tho, I don’t seek out Asians. They are attractive but the culture clash can be big.

Jul 31, 20 at 8:19pm


I take it you're talking about the v-shaped jaw line? When I said rounded I meant the oval face shape attributed more to Asian women. From what I know about Japan they like the v-shaped jawline and oval face.

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