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GTFO an impossibly hard game

Jul 24, 20 at 9:41pm

GTFO is a horror shooter co-op game that you can play with up to 4 other players.

Okay, so let me paint a picture of how hard this game is. I loaded it up for the first time to play with Veru @verucassault. The following is how things went down:

Dropped into the first level. I was fiddling with my controls

Veru: "What's that?"

Me: "Hold on I'm trying to figure out how to change my weapon."

Veru: "I'm dead."

Arc: "Wait, what? We just landed OH MY GOD--"


Attempt #2

Arc: Okay that was fast. Looks like it generated a new area. It's dark.

I tried turning on the flashlight but it didn't help as I walked into the thick fog of the hallway right next to the starter area.

An enemy blindsides me by hitting me in the back. Naturally I can't see a damn foot in front of me so I go down in roughly 3 hits. My sweet Veru follows suit.


Attempt #3

My girlfriend is silent. I'm trying to hold back a laugh.

Arc: "Haha, this game is a little bit hard, isn't it?"

At this point in the game we have both figured out how to shoot our guns. I pick an enemy standing out in the hall and we carfully fire on him. I blow my first clip of shotgun ammo taking him down and little critters flood the hallway. Mind you, im still standing by the damn starter location. I'm out of shotgun ammo. All the little critters follow my girlfriend as she runs. She dies.

Arc: "HOW THE F$%& am I out of ammo?!? Damn you!"

I go down right next to my drop pod.


Attempt number #4

Me: "No I already checked, there are no difficulty settings. Veru? Veruca!"

Veru: "Nope."

*Veruca leaves the lobby*

Me: "Veruca, come back! I can't fight these things myself!"


I manage to make it to the next room, where I die.


Attempt #fuck this game. Fuck everything about this game.

and thus concludes my adventures into the GTFO universe :D


Nah, brah. That's when shit gets real. You're fighting for your woman!!!


Shame on veru for leaving her man
Arc you did a good job, tell veru to try harder.


Me imagining Arc during this:

Jul 24, 20 at 11:27pm


Yeah, that was pretty much exactly how I looked when those small critters surrounded me. I was going into the game blind, but after watching a gameplay video of it I found out that it's mostly a stealth game that pretty much has to have 4 players or you might as well be packin' dildos, because you're gonna get fk'ed.

Jul 24, 20 at 11:29pm

Jul 25, 20 at 12:18pm

I remember seeing things for this before it’s beta/release or whatever. I’ve been meaning to get into it but my laptops old and dying. I enjoy teamwork games but I can’t wait to see how toxic this gets

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