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Celebrity Idol Worship and the Expected Obligations to Fans


I saw an article on here bringing up Singers and Actors in Japan being negatively harassed for having private lives separate from the public view.

Now I know that isn't new nor is it a Japanese only thing to do.

Even in the United States celebrities are often stalked both by the media and by fans.

I believe that no human being no matter how famous or influential should ever be treated as a product owned by anyone.

Rather it is a sad state that one should even have to fear getting married or having children because it might sell fewer CDs or cause 100's of SUPPOSED FANS to feel betrayed at something unrelated to them.

Idol worship no matter how cute one wishes to dress it up is shameful!

If another person isn't allowed to live their life to the fullest then that is a true crime.

I get that certain celebrities hold influence like a Mr. Rogers and it would have been disastrous to learn that his private life reflected anything less than what he chose to portray on TV. Yet even he had a personal life not privey to the public which was good. He was entitled to such.

Many on here don't care for Eminem and I understand from a certain point he's very ignorant at times BUT I give Marshal a lot of credit for putting words to topics many speak nothing about when it should be stated.

I don't care who's mouth the words of truth comes out of so long as they are HEARD!

Cultural differences are not even remotely up for DEBATE. The human right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is an ABSOLUTE!

I wish this was common sense but perhaps it needs repeating.

So NO, just because you bought a CD or a t-shirt or attended a show DOES NOT entitle ANYONE to dictate another's life!

Get your own and be thankful for the fact you even live on the same planet as the one you admire.

Show everyone true love by understanding their need to privacy.

Thank you for reading; please be of sound body and mind.


Expected obligation? I just follow who I like and they are lucky if I even buy any of their merchandise. I don't expect different from anyone else but they are doing a job and they do have those responsibilities to their fans. Otherwise you can't be an Idol anymore. It's sad when you get the few over obsessed fans who are completely out of touch with the real world


Unfortunately by what I have read and observed through various sources it seems to be much bigger than a few troublesome fans.

In addition giving monetary support in any situation is still no right to own another human being.

Also what does being single really have to do with selling a CD or Movie? Help me to understand what RESPONSIBILITY to chastity or family obligation have to do with whether or not the product/service is worth supporting?

Also to the fan themself; what disservice to your own personal growth are you performing by failing to recognize your own self worth?

The idol is a replacement for that person's lack of RESPONSIBILITY to their own life.

Depressing as it may sound but one is RESPONSIBLE for their own happiness. Sharing that joy is a choice not a guarantee.

If you buy a product from someone then the trade requirement has been met. Nothing more should be expected or demanded.

Besides, what real fan would treat something they loved with such cruel inhumanity?


I agree with most of what you said and I don't think your reply is entirely to me, but I will explain what I meant by responsibility. That "Celebrity Idol" has a job to do and that makes it a responsibility. If they want to continue being an "Idol" then they need to keep up those responsibilities or they will no longer have those fans. It sounds like they should expect to keep those "fans" even if stop doing what the "fans" want? The ugly truth is that life of being an "Idol" is full of unwanted responsibilities that are required to keep up the appearance and stage presence.

People are free to ask whatever they want of their "Idol" but if they get it is up to the "Idol" in question. If the "Fans" that don't support the "Idol" out weigh the "fans that do, well that is just how the cookie crumbles and maybe they need to rethink some life choices to get what they want.


Which is what I am saying about the fans.

The idol shouldn't be told their art is not worth supporting based on being a regular person.

It is a celebrity's duty to make a product worth celebrating, true.

Just not a demand to stop living or growing as a person.

To clarify Matt I am talking to those that are supporting such negative behavior.

I don't believe you would act in such a way to another person or at least hope not anyway.

I do agree again a product or service should be good to stand on its own merit despite its creator.


It's true that it's international thing, but I feel it's taken to extreme in Japan... especially in the idol industry which is pretty much revolving around selling the singers' image of being "pure and innocent virtual virgin gf/bf material". That has sadly caused problems such as depression and even suicide attempts in some idols who got caught doing something as trivial as holding hands with the opposite gender or being caught entering/exiting the home of someone of the opposite gender. They're basically not allowed to be teenagers/adults, despite that idols are typically in their teens.

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