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Convention plans?

Jul 01, 20 at 12:01am

We'll be going to Collosocon assuming they don't postpone it again.

Anybody else have any convention plans that the Wuhan Fluhan is trying to Ruhan?

Jul 01, 20 at 12:25am

I will be attending...

Tiger Con 2020
August 22-23, 2020
James H Rainwater Conference Center
Valdosta, GA

Tiger Con is an anime, gaming, cosplay and comic convention.

I'm going to unveil my wolfie boy orginal concept cosplay. Gonna practice my kung fu for weebing purposes. I always wanted to be one of the people with the dope cosplay that I normally stare at.

There's gonna be a cosplay contest. Yay, I'm excited!

@excel Nice play on words and cool cosplay.

Jul 01, 20 at 12:34am

Apparently, there will be a vocaloid concert...

Take my money!!! I've never experienced a vocaloid concert. It sounds neat and fun.

Jul 01, 20 at 1:53pm

Thanks, I hope your furry cosplay makes a splash. Me and the fiance are thinking about putting together some furry cosplays but what I have envisioned is a little crazy so that won't be an overnight thing.


I'm both surprised and jealous that COVID somehow hasn't managed to postpone your cons to the next year.
For me 2020 is a totally wasted and ruined year which I wish to skip through as quickly as possible but which keeps dragging on and on and on. I've never felt this way before. It's an all-time low.

Jul 02, 20 at 8:17pm

@excel Thanks, I hope your cosplay does the same.

inter_change @inter_change commented on Convention plans?
inter_change @inter_change
Jul 07, 20 at 1:42am

I was going to Sakuracon. Cancelled. I tried San Japan. Cancelled. Now I’m trying Kumoricon. I’m expecting that one to get cancelled too. I paid for plane tickets so I keep getting airfare vouchers.

Jul 07, 20 at 3:19am

Anime Expo supposed to have happened last weekend. Postponed too.

Ugh. I was really hoping to go. Sad


I was really hoping to go to my first con this year, are there going to be any that aren't canceled?

Jul 25, 20 at 8:42pm

Kumoricon is postponed till next year, this year blows.

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