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Games you would recommend to people on here


Put the name of the game, Trailer and cost in "USD" or "Euro" (((you can add a reason why it's a good game too)))


Warframe. It's a free online game with by far the best community. It might get you a while to get into it but if's fun as hell. Imagine this: Ninjas + Guns + Space + super powers = Warframe.


Papers, Please

This game my not look like much, but it's the coolest, darkest game I ever played, with themes of communism, terrorism and a secret agency called the "Order" this game is amazing. After my first run through of the game I saw some crazy stuff that I never thought I would see, and the music, art and more, A + material. Glory to Arstotzka. (((Also you'll get a kick out of a little man named Jorji, don't detain him until you have to but this man is really funny and he'll lighten the mood during this dark game.)))

Cost: € 8.99


Forza Horizon 4. It's price is high with 60 bucks but you can get it for sale for about 20 or buy a key that can be had for under 20 bucks. It's a Microsoft exclusive so it can only be had in the Microsoft store or on xbox

Its a open world racing game with a lot of customization and more Sim than a lot of other arcade racers. It's really fun to just drive around in the open word doing drifts, jumps etc or do races against AI or other players online.


You ain’t even gotta recommend it. It’s the only game I have respect for you Xbox players. Horizon is the best racing game since most wanted on ps2. That’s my opinion



Cries in Halo franchise (T^T)...


@auntron_ *cries in shoulda stopped at 3*


If you like persona 5 you might like Sakura wars or in Japan known as Sakura taisen.
It’s available exclusively to ps4


I recommend Postal 2. It is a open world sandbox game with dark humor, trashy graphics, a lot of violence and lots of fun. You can set people on fire and pee on them lul. If you live in Germany or Australia you can't get it on steam but otherwise it's there for like 10 bucks but you can get keys for 3$ or something?

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