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Cute Pokémon!


A place to talk about your favorite Pokémon and how cute they are! You can share little comics you've found, photos of your plushie collections, screenshots from the games, cosplay, whatever you'd like so long as it's generally cute and it's Pokémon related!

Jun 18, 20 at 3:39pm

My favourite pokemon


***adding a backstory because it's not the typical "cute"
I don't know if this kid was inspired by the Ghost Stories illustration but it's very reminiscent of that. It was one of the first books I ever bought for myself when I was a kid, I think I was like 10 or something, anyway I've kept that book my entire life because it has sentimental value to me. So when Pokemon Go started 4+ years ago, that's when this guy did these. I had missed the Pokemon craze as a kid (I'm older) Sheera, Heman, and Thundercats were more my bag... anyway I did think Pokemon was cute but seeing them in this art style that reminded me of my childhood makes me nostalgic.


@Sparkie that's so sweet! There's something about seeing a big dino Pokémon like Tyranitar holding an itsy bitsy pink flower that really makes you feel good. Thanks for sharing!



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