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Does anyone else like vocaloid?

Apr 22, 20 at 12:43am



Yes. But while studying Japanese since 2014, I must find plenty of good songs to listen to. I have some merchandise and maybe someday, afford a Super Dollfie, because I'm good at photography and would like to take good photos of it in the best scenery in my area and maybe other areas.

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some songs

as far as cute goes i like teto

my fave song is

Apr 24, 20 at 2:12am

Yes, most of the time i listen to vocaloid or japanese jrock singers


I listened to quite a lot Vocaloid several years ago, but currently barely anymore. I mosty listened to Megurine Luka songs, she is my favorite ~


I also have a Miku wallet and most cashiers my age (especially woman) say they like my wallet while I reply, "Yeah, but most people around us are careless about Miku and other Vocaloids."


Don't really follow it other than knowing about Miku (who doesn't at this point) but I did enjoy Black Rock Shooter's OP


YES! Gumi, Miku, Lily, Rin, Avanna, and Luka are my favorites

Favorite Songs:

Odds and Ends By Ryo:

Echo By Crusher-P:

Eager Love Revenge (Rin):

Love is War (Cause I also cosplay the mikuo of this):

Diarreha (cause miku + Metal)

Sand Planet By Hachi:

Hold Release Rakshasa and Corpses (Despite how fucked up the song actually is seriously read the translation)

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