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Convention plans?

Jul 26, 20 at 1:52am

Anime Expo postponed till next year and SacAnime postponed.

So yeah it kinda sucks.

Sep 09, 20 at 7:12pm

I can't believe every convention has cancelled. So far Texas Ren Faire is supposedly still going to open on schedule but that's not anime and I've been to it so many times it's sorta lost it's charm.


Anyone going to a con? I’ll be going to Anime Fest in a couple days


I got back from C2E2 Saturday. Had to jump through hoops 'cause I realized I needed proof that I was officially tested negative for the Varus. Thinking of going to Amke or ACen, but it depends on my $ and how long it will take to finish my BRS cosplay. ACen I am tempting to apply for my own meet-up. Anyone one here done that before that can give me input?


If I get a booster shot at the start of 2022 and AnimeNorth will not become cancelled then I would most likely attend AnimeNorth in 2022.

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