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What are your guy’s best memories from anime cons


now this isn't a anime con story but it is a comic con one. When i first started getting into cosplay i decided to cosplay the floating boy from metal gear solid five. The cosplay had some Russian of the chest that happen to be where my tits are (whoa i know boobies). While i was walking around the con floor with some friends a guy comes up and compliments my cosplay and tries to read the Russian. he gets really and i mean REALLY close to my chest and points his finger using it to point the words while he was reading it. i look back on it and it was really funny because at the time i was only 16 and i doubt that fool knew it.


So cosplaying as Kira
(I tend to get asked for pics a lot)

I had some little girl ask for pics
& she was so fangirling
Apparently Kira was her waifu

Anyways whenever I do cosplays I like to stay in character

(I'll walk around with geeky bowling nail clippers & a photograph of my dad)

So mid pic I bust out a photograph of my dad & she starts flipping out XD

I thought it was adorable


I recall once escorting the bell hop back to my car in the parking garage

A car stops to let us pass by
(I'm in a full suit & tie
Holding a McDonald's cup full whisky)

We pass in by & lucky me
Slips on ice & completely bust my s##t
Liquor spilt all over me
All this in front of everybody & there momma XD

That's what's know as an excellent first day at a con

Later Virgins


irl I'm always the life of the party
So in a hotel party
I'm entertaining everyone & bring up the subject of Dethklok

Later on into the night we all get separated

they wanted to find me again so

(1 guy had 2 speakers attached to his head)

They just walked around & blasted Dethklok

(Which worked)

So long story short

I was summoned by Dethklok



So Saturday morning
I'm hungover asf
I go out to get breakfast
On my way back

People recognize me
Get invited

So party at the presidential suite
Doing shots
People are doing lines
Popping molly etc etc

Who cares
Typical party stuff

What makes this funny for me is that this is 11.am in the morning


I love them all


I remember once at a hotel party
We're having a Mortal Kombat tournament
(While playing the Frozen soundtrack)

Some people in the back are doing drugs
1 thing I'll never forget/unsee is female Kirito from sword art
(The 1 where they go into the gun world)

Doing cocaine
Plus her taking out here own dollar bill to do it for sanitary purposes

Apparently she was a stripper
& she had seen her coworkers pick up dollar Bill's with there a##-cheeks

Didn't know that was possible or a thing

"Sanitary purposes"


I remember once in cosplay
(Freddie Mercury)

Having to walk to another building for the rave
I started a Congo line

I wasn't even trying to I was just walking around with a speaker & blasting Queen
Who doesn't like Queen
So people would just follow
& I just kept gathering people

(Pretty sure we were all just equally trashed) XD

It was awesome


^ part 2

Later on that after the rave I end up in a hotel party
(Don't recall how I got there)

I thing I used to have was a stamp that printed "Thot"
So I'm going around as Freddie Mercury just stamping people XD

(I say used to cause I lost it there)

Also apparently the guy who was throwing the party was a millionaire or something

I say that cause throughout the night his gf kept pestering him to buy her a Tesla & eventually he was just said ok


^Part 3
(Same night)

Later on that night
(Same party)
Idk how but we ended up at some rave/party thing outside

(It was like in a parking garage or something)

By this point tis like 5-6 in the morning
The sun was already coming out XD

Was awesome while it lasted
But sadly it all ended when the cops showed up
They were cool though nobody got in trouble



The best times were likely the ones i couldnt remember. x3
Ive been to crazy parties at small cons with no security. The shit i've seen...

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