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What are your guy’s best memories from anime cons


I do recall this 1 time
Like a year ago?
Idk I dont recall
I threw a JoJo party in my hotel room
We had a blast
This 1 guy got blacked out by midnight & stayed/passed out in the corner
for the whole time XD

Cum to find out that was his first ever party :D
Yeet Yeet


Ya know what's funny

The previous con I went to
(about 2 weeks ago)

The day before the con someone did a hit & run on
1 of my cars

So theres this big a## dent on it

At this con at a party
I'm messing around entertaining people
Someone I started talking to is a mechanic
Mention this to him
Annnnnnnnnd were off
To the parking garage
He looks at it, hits it with hand a couple times and

The dent came out
Dude saved me like 500-1000$

Idk anything about cars
So that blew my f##king mind

I swear you never know what new friends you'll make at cons


1 of the previous cons I went to recently

Went as a trap
(Wig,skirt and all)

Now I'm fudged up heading back to my room midday
I have both my hands full of food
Make a wrong turn
Welp turn around & there's this guy right behind me
Hadn't noticed until then
Dont think much of it until I got to my actual room
He followed me


I just hand him my food
Take my key card out, open my door
Take back my food & shut the door

XD creepy


When I was involved with being in panels and had ppl to do a con with. Now I hang out in hotel lobby with a tablet, wifi, badgeless. But in costume so I at least got that right.


that time I caught little bish a## Rohan



In hindsight

We probably should have given them some privacy ;D



I recall once being at a con
Wayyyyy out in the country
In the straight boondocks

Idk how this happened
But I vividly remember

Me cosplaying Jotaro
Some guy wear like a devil cosplay with horns & a random goth grill etc. etc

For whatever reason we were all.in the men's bathroom at about 2 am drinking moonshine


I have no idea

(It tastes just as bad as you'd imagined)


Lol I need to go to more conventions

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