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What are your guy’s best memories from anime cons


I bought my saber zero figma from a con


I usually get asked for a lot of pictures
But I do recall once
Going up on stage for karaoke
In cosplay as Kira
(Absolutely hammered)

And singing
Another One Bites The Dust
(and f##king nailing it)
The whole time I'm pointing at people in the audience
And doing the Bomb Detonation Hand Gesture

"Hey I'm going to get you to"
"Another One Bites The Dust"

I'm just threatening everyone
Had the audience cracking up
Everyone loved it XD

After that
Everyone and there momma wanted a picture with me
It was awesome


1 thing I started doing recently
was hand out business cards I had made

It never fails to crack people up

This account has been suspended.

People come to hang out at Con Alt Delete — not so much to show off giant masks and buy high-end merchandise. This activity knows what it is and serves this purpose. Oodles of chill space are created by the Maid Cafe, Consweet and other communal areas. For the whole thing, I felt kind of too old. I don't think we can stop the clock, huh? Luckily, the Dealers ' Room had figs from the Gospel and a View Suite.


Any con I go to
If there is an overwatch panel I'm definitely showing up to
argue with a room full of people by myself
In protest with FACTS & LOGIC


I remember once during a con going to shake & shake with a group of random friends I made
We're all in cosplay having a blast
Everyone's giving us that wtf look
(I'm cosplaying Jotaro,plus I'm carrying a ft long dolphin plushie)

I'm always the loudest person making everyone laugh
& at 1 point this grill started making these weird gestures
I ask if she's alright & she hands me this piece of paper


Its 1 of the most adorable/unfortunate things I've ever seen

Basically she told me to stfu in the most polite way possible

This account has been suspended.

AX 2017, I was renting a room at the Westin with a couple mates, and we met some awesome cosplayers who ended up coming back to our room and we jammed to anisong and played on my Switch until around 5-6am. Most of the group ended up calling asleep while a friend and I decided to skip sleep and head right back to the con to get in line for an autograph panel. We met some people who were also waiting and we ended up all playing CAH on the pavement outside the doors.

Good times.


When I went to London May MCM Comic Con there was this girl who wanted a photo with one of my friends who was cosplaying Toga Himiko (from Boku No Hero) and we were heading to a meetup and I tell my friend and this girls starts crying tears of joy because she got to have a photo so there was lots of hugs shared. And also, heading into the con someone yells "Denki!" to my male friends and he turns around to wave at them and we just hear fangirl/fanboy screams behind us; when we got down the stairs we see a group of cosplayers and we have lots of memories and photo's together.

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