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Pick a anime universe

Nov 20, 17 at 2:00am

Any universe as long as I dont need to be a character no one cares about

Nov 20, 17 at 4:46pm

Gotta be Log Horizon's 'MMORPG Elder Tales'

Nov 23, 17 at 4:27pm

Either Dragonball (I know i'm insane) Bleach, or Boku no Hero Academia (yes all battle shounen)

Because I could do crazy badass things

oof commented on Pick a anime universe
Dec 04, 17 at 7:31pm

GATE, except it's the US Army and I'm in Delta.

Born too late to explore Earth.

Born too early to explore space.

Born just in time to physically remove Imperials.

Jikko Von Satsujin commented on Pick a anime universe
Jikko Von Satsujin
Dec 04, 17 at 7:58pm

I said anime universe not real world..

oof commented on Pick a anime universe
Dec 05, 17 at 4:27pm

Last time I checked, there wasn't an interdimensional gate leading to a fantasy world on the other side. Might have to recheck :^)

Dec 05, 17 at 10:18pm


Dec 06, 17 at 8:13am

shokugeki no souma

because the food in that universe give you hallucinations and orgasms

Dec 06, 17 at 8:28am

Hmm... Probably DanMachi. I wanna become strong and go on an adventure to the unexplored depths of the dungeon. To see what no human eyes have ever seen.

Dec 30, 17 at 11:18pm

In Slayers!^^

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