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Pick a anime universe

Dec 31, 17 at 1:06am

Definitely an old timey ecchi series. Where everything is light hearted, there's no real world conflict, and love can happen in the blink of an eye.

The problem is which one... I haven't seen enough. I'll have to go with Hand Maid May for now. Isekai Smartphone would be great if I was the MC who could do anything, but if not then it's a poor choice. I feel like I'm gonna have to brush up on some anime history soon enough.

Dec 31, 17 at 11:24am

Universe 7

Dec 31, 17 at 4:20pm

Corey in the House

Jan 02, 18 at 11:55am

Either Pokemon universe (if it took itself a little more serious tho xd), oooor A Certain Magical Index universe!

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