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How attractive is the person above you?

KuroK @kurok
Feb 13, 20 at 7:08pm

Figured we have one rating ourselves, why not let other people do it for us. Doesnt have to be just looks since not everyone has their image out there so can go off of personality too.


I think positively of him~ Personality: as far as I have observed, he doesn’t have the habit of bringing unnecessary trouble to others though he has his own insecurities, meanwhile he is respectful and has a higher level of cognition which enables him not to fall for propaganda.
As for his looks, I think he looks fine.


>>> this image is important

i don't feel like i can say enough about Enki, nor do I know her well, but here goes nothing.

extremely interesting person, reserved, intelligent and smart. it seems like Enki is a realist, someone who prefers staying true to reality over fantasy. it's weird though, how i can say that about her being a realist and all that, because sometimes it feels like she lives in an isekai (new world for those uncultured enough to not know).


Johannes seems to be a cool guy who tries to avoid annoying stuff, he reminds me of Sanji from One Piece, so i’m guessing he is a gentilman with a warm heart

keizer @keizer commented on How attractive is the person above you?
keizer @keizer
Feb 13, 20 at 9:53pm

Funseeker looks like a nice guy (btw he is the real santa) and looks like a best friend from a main character that is always on his side no matter what

{left}greentea~chan @zwz commented on How attractive is the person above you?
{left}greentea~chan @zwz
Feb 13, 20 at 10:04pm

10 on the hawt scale

RainX @rainx commented on How attractive is the person above you?
RainX @rainx
Feb 13, 20 at 10:12pm



Hrm. You are attunned to cats. That is one thing I can say. Chit-chat aside, I say you are a pretty average man for your age.


Hmmm.......I'd say that you're a solid 5/10. I don't mean to offend you but in the pictures where your hair is a bit shorter you're a fine 6/10


I dunno how to rate above person over anime pics >:'( We haven't talk much either but i believe that he's a good person UwU

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