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A proper introduction

Feb 13, 20 at 12:41pm

Okay so I've done one before I think but I doubt it was any good since I wasnt really sure if this site was dead or not

So hello everyone I'm Holligan, you can call me Holli for short if you want.

Been on this site for a hot minute but haven't used it much until recently.

My bio isnt super fleshed out but has the basics about what all I'm into (if anyone thinks there's somethin I can add to it to make it better jus let me know)

I'm on discord more than here since I dont get notifications for when I get messages on here.

If you have it and wanna talk my tag is Holligan#7724. If you add me jus tell me where you got my user from so ik you arent a bot or something.

So uh yeah that's about it. Thanks for listening to my Ted talk and I hope to make friends with some of you ^^

Feb 14, 20 at 2:23pm

Hello Holli, I guess I could say welcome back. Hopefully you'll find this site fun to be at. Hope you make some friends on here.

Feb 14, 20 at 2:51pm

Welcome back to MO. I hope you have fun here and make plenty of friends. :)

Feb 14, 20 at 2:56pm

I appreciate a fellow P5 fan so I welcome you here, hope you won't find any trouble interacting with the community, also wouldn't mind being your friend.

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