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Allow me to Introduce myself.


Hey, what's good everyone? I'm your friendly neighborhood Sadboi, But if you want you can simply refer to me as Mace.

Anyways I've been here a few days and have more or less just kept to myself trying to navigate the site and get the hang of things.

Well, I've got the hang of things now and just want to say hello~ I look forward to meeting people on here and forging new relationships

Feb 13, 20 at 11:59am

Welcome to MO i guess we are the only one who's acting '' sad '' to seem edgy OwO I actually feel like emotionless though lol. Anyways enjoy your stay ^_^

Feb 13, 20 at 12:00pm

Welcome to MO! UwU

Feb 13, 20 at 12:22pm

welcome to the site my man

Feb 14, 20 at 2:25pm

Hello Mason, welcome to MO.

Feb 14, 20 at 2:50pm

Welcome to MO. I hope you have fun here and make plenty of friends. :)

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