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What truly matters

I want my special someone to have a good heart ,be careing and be loveing .idc for looks or age well as long as the parents are ok with it lol oh bad experience ~_~. And if the girl doesn't know how I be glade to teach her and if I get in a argument I will handle it calm and talk it over ^_^ well gauss my journey Belgians to find her :3
Oct 15, 12 at 7:35am
i think what tuely matters to me is attraction. iv met tons of kool awsome even hot guys that idk y but never thought of more then just friends. so really for me they cood be super otaku man but if the attractions not there then me and super otaku man r nuthing but friends.
whether or not they fux with drake u feel me
Oct 10, 15 at 1:44am
If he can't make me fall out of chair laugh at least on occasion, he has no chance :P
Oct 10, 15 at 2:15am
^same >\\\\<
Oct 10, 15 at 2:37am
A good heart is indeed very important. Those things fetch some nice prices on the open market, but livers work well too so don't count them out.
Oct 10, 15 at 3:00am
Honesty. Probably honesty above all else. I can forgive a lot as long as people are strait with me. Whether it's friends or a possible partner. But being able to make me laugh is a close second.
Oct 10, 15 at 12:02pm
Having seen at least 100 days worth of anime, preferably even more.
Oct 12, 15 at 7:15pm
What truly matters, is your ability to outrun your partner in a zombie apocalypse.
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