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Whats your goto anime to rewatch...when you are bored and feeling empty....


Its "Kimi ni todoke" for me...I feel warm and happy no matter how many times I have rewatched this anime...It never gets boring for me...


i hate rewatching certain things, idk why but it ticks my anxiety

but i have rewatched Inuyashiki, wasnt cause i was bored but its just really good

i...im sorry if this isnt relevant to the thread


Hehe no worries...I do feel bored rewatching anything shounen that I have already watched too so I think I get you...


I don't re-watch stuff. There is too much to watch to do that, unless I have not watched it in a long time and a new season is coming


If I rate something 9+ I usually rewatch every 3-5 years.


Tetsujin 28 even tho i never really re-watch anything at all but that's an exception


I think I don't mind rewatching anything with feels and romance ... kinda craving something from the adachi series so I might rewatch cross game after....


@Gabriel I rewatched death parade inawhile recently tooo...still feels like the last ep was stupid and I am mad at the mc...

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