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Improving your Life thru the power of yourself OwO

Well than I have been here I think for almost a year. Been very active on my first few months lately i have been less active but well, I kinda saw a pattern in the MO community. We do kinda have alot of ppls who are kinda insecure, dealing with their anxieties, problems with social contact and so on. Yes we do have our normies here too but well, I didn’t open this thread to only address the Problem more like I’m trying to find an answer to some problems. And maybe just maybe this thread might be use as a guide for ppls to make their life better. Cause as I do understand only you can make yourself the happiest.
https://youtu.be/OD6kthiOdnk But for real tho, you've been here a year now GD? Nice m8 ^^
may 2019 soo still a few more months xDD. but yeah I have been reading on alot of different psychology sites sooo I will post some articles in this regards and maybe just sum up or say the most important parts so that anyone can decide if they wanna read the articles or not. Why do I like psychology? Well I'm one of those people who thinks they are fortunate enuff to be so happy UwU and lately I have been even happier than ever soo I just wanna share somethings to maybe improve everyones life UwU.
Pervert OWO... ofc I'm happy OWO well would be a Lie if I say I'm happy all the time but most of it yes yes yes UwU now back to topic BAKA DORITO
sound too hard id rather just complain and do nothing, ya know? https://78.media.tumblr.com/0844229f71208f71b7b10577ccde4328/tumblr_p7whd0wXcZ1vo8fhxo1_500.gif
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i DISagree with loving yourself you can always be better, and should always be critical of yourself being content with yourself is healthier than loving yourself i believe
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