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Vinland Saga

Vinland Saga is a series based loosely on historical events about the ancient Vikings and people of early Europe. A young boy named Thorfinn leads most of the plot growing from a helpless boy into a one man soldier seeking revenge. https://media1.tenor.com/images/943cca2bfa2586c4c83871121aacb5da/tenor.gif That said many other characters like my favorite bishie boi Canute also play a protagonist role in influencing the plot. Not seeking revenge but instead working to bring the people of various nations together in peace. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/vinlandsaga/images/a/a6/Canute_anime_design.png Other notable things to mention about the Anime is its beautiful and bloody art style that is simple to understand yet layered in ambience. The music is also terrific if you like hard rock with that good Animu flavor. Yet the ending credits honestly sound like a song by Adele or some other Pop artist. Nice variety of sounds to keep people interested in my opinion. So how about you folks? Vinland Saga catch your attention or do you find it not appealing? What about your favorite characters? Admittedly there are some comparisons to Naruto or Drifters with certain characters. Yet I find the story captivating still.
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CAC @cac commented on Vinland Saga
Jan 03, 20 at 6:53am
I'm not caught up on it right now but what I've seen so far has been really good.
Askeladd is my secret favorite character besides Leif Erikson!
On the topic of Askeladd, I find his character refreshing from the standard antagonist. He is someone that takes up such a large portion of the story and yet is always removed. What I appreciate is that the story allows subtle facial expressions to tell his thoughts rather than always explaining through words.
Anyone enjoy Thorkell the Tall? I found him fun. Slightly different take on the hulking brute stereotype. https://youtu.be/lBmE5ejJsCg
Remembering Askeladd.
I was extremely surprised with that scene, and I feel bad for Thorfinn, but knowing history and assuming the series stays somewhat accurate to history, he'll be fine.
Yeah, but what about my boy Canute? Don't tell me I don't want to be spoiled lol!
Jan 13, 20 at 2:02pm
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