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Brand new to MaiOtaku

Nov 30, 19 at 9:05pm

I found this site by chance just searching around trying to find somewhere to hopefully meet cool new people who share the same interests I do!

.. Finding that someone special would be pretty awesome too! ;3

Introduce yourself? :3

Nov 30, 19 at 9:19pm

A fellow rocker noice

Nov 30, 19 at 9:24pm

Yeah man! Ive played the drums my whole life, and picked up the guitar at 16!
Classic psychedelic rock is my favorite genre

Nov 30, 19 at 9:31pm

I'm mostly a metalhead but classic psychedelic rock is really good loving and feeling the beats.

Nov 30, 19 at 9:54pm

Hell yeah i like metal and punk rock too!
All good stuff
Also EDM

Dec 02, 19 at 1:22pm

Hello, welcome to MO.
Hopefully you'll make a lot of friends, including finding that special someone.

ΛᄃΛᄃIΛ @acacia12 commented on Brand new to MaiOtaku
ΛᄃΛᄃIΛ @acacia12
Dec 02, 19 at 1:26pm

They're like the same dude just with glasses on and their talking to each other!

Am I the only one seeing this?

Dec 02, 19 at 7:22pm


The cake is a lie!


Long hair ganggggggg


Damn, just when I finally decided to go short hair. Oh well haha! Happy to make new friends. I love all music....except Cringe Country. You know the songs that sound like I wrote them about my lawnmower in the garage and decided it was a platinum hit for the rock n roll ages. Bluegrass is legit though. Least we not also forget Weird Al's favorite, Polka! -breaks out accordion-

Also I do have a number of guitars. Sadly I was unworthy of the Metal demi-gods to weild them proficiently...

The acoustic was my brother's first. The squire fender belonged to my dad, and the Deadpool Peavey was a buy on a whim.

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