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Why is age difference bad in adolescent relationships? (ex. 15 and 20, or 19 and 14)


You develop too much in that age range. It is not like the difference between 20 and 25


Turned down a girl once because she was 14 and I 17 I thought that difference was already too much.


Huge physical and mental development differences. Enough said.

God Emperor Daggerfella
Nov 12, 19 at 10:33am

Because people who are learning boundaries of relationships and how they fit in a relationship, as well as learning what they want and don't want in a relationship should only be experienced and experimented with by people of their own age group especially when they are under 18.

Generally when an adult's date, nine times out of 10 they are looking for sex. And somebody who is very gullible and doesn't understand the adult world yet, as well as all the nuances that go into a relationship, they would end up learning a bunch of bad things and bad behaviors, as well as bad habits and bad lessons from adults who want sex for the most part. Like I know of many stories were I've heard of a girl who was a minor ended up getting a sugar daddy, all they did was accepted money from the so they could buy all the shit they wanted including new phones and fancy clothes, and all they had to do was send nudes and fuck them. That's not the kind that thing a child should be learning.

God Emperor Daggerfella
Nov 12, 19 at 10:37am

Additionally, they would be learning with those bad lessons things like oh well people only want me for one thing or that using sex as leverage to gain something from somebody is perfectly acceptable. Like there was a teenage guy who is 17 years old that screwed a older guy to get the new iPhone. Those are not the things teenagers should be learning, these are not things that young adults should be doing, these are not the situations we should be allowing our children to be in. The World At Large is full of people who will give you what you want just so they get what they want. We shouldn't be teaching our kids that a relationship is just about getting something from somebody that you want, such as sex or material Goods or a common commodity such as money. They should be learning that relationships are about a bond between two people, a fellowship that two individuals of a mutual understanding can share. A relationship is about love. But constantly teenagers are learning because of how not only sexualize their world is, but because there are people who think that sexualizing them is okay, that they're learning it's all about lust and that's how they're seeing. Like to be honest if teenagers weren't as sexual or sexual lized, that whole incident with that E-Thot named Bianca would not have happened. I'm just putting it out there

God Emperor Daggerfella
Nov 12, 19 at 10:38am

Like look no further than the creeps on this site, whether it be somebody who's in their thirties like ashla bloody or some of the other members that I can't remember their names, all of them were Mega creeps who thought it would be okay to date and have sex with people who are 14 15 16 years old. It's disgusting and it shouldn't happen. As a society we set standards for things. We shouldn't just take a purely libertarian approach and allow a mutual level of Statics in our society to allow the gradual degradation of values in this nation. And especially not when children are involved


It doesnt makes a difference at all but you end up in jail and get stabbed in there very very bad



I see what you meant.

You're talking about life experience differences. Like you said, if there's a five year gap, one has more experience than the other. Thing is, that's not necessarily true, relevant or important in the least. At some point, it's more about what "clicks" than anything else. Not to mention, no matter how much or how little experience they've had, it's their first time with you.


Ideally it wouldn't matter that much but we live in a cruel world. Most adults want to take advantage of teenagers. There is a lot of development during those ages as well so teenagers tend to be easier to manipulate. It's really about protecting that development.

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