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So, Death Stranding...


Metal Gear Solid was my first Hideo Kojima game, absolutely loved the series (Also played Snatcher, Policenauts, Zone Of The Enders) Death Stranding I'd have to say is actually really good (only in chapter 2 at the moment) From the little bit of story and game play encountered it's got me interested. Quite pleased with this game! Look forward to the rest of the story. How does everyone else feel about Death Stranding?


Don't have the cash yet (unless i go into my savings) but from what iv saw i really enjoy the concept and i respect hideo trying something new ..


To my knowledge, I think this title is his first attempt with horror? Correct me if I'm wrong, meeting the monsters for the first time was such an adrenaline rush.


I like Metal Gear and have respect for Kojima, but the story as I got to the end becomes one of those drags on forever about nothing. I mean if you love a very basic concept of what it means to live and die...sure. In the end, sad to say it was boring. Fun moments with Troy Baker though haha! Points for being something different. Just too art house for my taste.

GameOver @literallgarbage commented on So, Death Stranding...
GameOver @literallgarbage
Nov 18, 19 at 9:37pm
This account has been suspended.

I've just been stuck on chapter two for a while, hard to ignore the side deliveries for some reason.

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