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making a video game


need help or just make jokes at what name should the video game be called.(by the way its anime based game but not 2d, its 2d in 3dcel) if you wanna help out with other thing just add me and send a DM and i can give something.
its using my edcel tool I made a way to make 3dcel models. just need friends or have fun with it.


I did make an old post along time ago on here showcasing my fantasyonline game based on final fantasy. I couldn't make it due to square enix "no brainer" but I did receive a lot of fans and follows on facebook page , I won't be making it anymore but ill still use the page for other things. just to let you know guys.


what platform are you making this? unity? game maker? or are you doing this from scratch?

Nov 02, 19 at 1:07am

what's the premise of your game?


Unity 3D Yeah I am making from scratch but using some assets.



If your talking about what type.It's rpg



Our Facebook page has 1.7 likes
Game is called fantasy online because it's the most generic name ever and its mocking final fantasy


In-game will do a Japanese accent impression saying fantsy online
Making fun of Japanese final fantasy

Audio-senpai @charlie_swan commented on making a video game
Audio-senpai @charlie_swan
Nov 04, 19 at 10:20pm

THERE IS NO GAME. This fool has no idea what he's doing. There is no prototype, no alpha, not even any design concepts, yet he is asking me to make a voice reel even though I've already sent in a demo. Not to mention the script he's given me had such broken English that I have no idea how I'm supposed to say them, and when I asked for direction he told me to say them so the other person could get paid, as if that's somehow my responsibility.


Ok If you want to get into game development here are a few steps A. make a mod for Skyrim (if you know some bit of coding) B. use mega man maker so that way you can get used to engines such as game maker which leads to C. Get game maker studio 1.4, not 2 and/or RPG maker ( I recommend XP or VX ACE) this is one of the most commonly used engines for games example undertale was made in game maker however if you want to get in to 3d games well unity and unreal is the way to go. But I recommend you watch awe me epic how-to on how-to video games.

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