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Plus ten years minus five


If you were given the option to have at least ten perfect years of your life, but knew that five years of your lifespan would be subtracted; would you do it?
Why or why not?
The ten years are not necessarily right before you die.
Your lifespan could be 30, 70, or even 100 would be unknown to you.
The ten years are consecutive.

Oct 09, 19 at 10:57pm

it would make sense for me to do it because i imagine the quality of the last five years of my life are going to be much poorer than the rest (at least physically my body will be shot)

Oct 09, 19 at 10:59pm

i ahve a perfect manga for that

Oct 09, 19 at 10:59pm
Oct 09, 19 at 11:16pm

So then every ten years of this 'perfect life', 5 years would be subtracted from your life span? Or is it just one set of 'perfect ten years'

Oct 09, 19 at 11:19pm

That is a very tempting deal..quality over quantity. Whenever I sense these 10 perfect consecutive years started I would think it be easier to find true love and rush to make a family hmm maybe play the lottery since my luck stat might be maxed xD that way my kids future are secure. I'm sure I would notice a perfect year right away. So my answer is yes.

Oct 09, 19 at 11:27pm

Yes. I think we spend all our lives chasing happiness. To know that it'll truly come gives more hope to the present.

Oct 10, 19 at 12:54am

Nah, I'll just do my best to make the most of any situation. I don't really need much to be content.

Oct 10, 19 at 1:40am

@excali- I started reading some of it and it got me kinda hooked, but I think I should stop bc I shouldn't read sad stuff rn xD

I would at this point in my life, esp bc if perfect meant my health was better. But then it would suck if you had the perfect life and family and had to leave them behind. Esp because if you hadn't traded that, you might have achieved the same goals anyways.

Oct 10, 19 at 3:10am

The keyword to me is "given." To be given anything is devaluation of self in my eyes. If a better life is wanted working towards it us the answer. If given the opportunity, I would decline. To have little but all earned yourself is better than being given anything less than the world. A life you make is better than one you are given.

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