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Halloween is coming up... costumes?

Oct 07, 19 at 6:39pm

dressing up and stuff is really embarrassing but what are you guys going as for halloween or whats your ideal costume? I'd personally want something that could be confused for normal clothing like android 17 or something...

Oct 07, 19 at 6:42pm

I would just buy a animu cosplay if I had the money, after all, Halloween is just National Cosplay Day. Since I don't, I guess I'll just stay home or steal a lab coat and go as Hououin Kyouma to the street.

Oct 07, 19 at 6:43pm

saving money is always a good thing :)

Oct 10, 19 at 7:05am

last year i was vape nate (cant really be that this year)

this year im going for conspiracy enthusiast

Oct 10, 19 at 7:26am

I think I'm due for another Joker cosplay. The last time I did the character I was 13. And not to brag... but my impression is pretty good!

However... I don't have a purple suit... but I could use my green suit for The Riddler I suppose.


Cheetah, black cat, wolf.... something like that I might have to work Halloween night so I doubt I'll get to do this

Oct 10, 19 at 10:54am

You tell me. (I am in the right on both pics)

Oct 10, 19 at 10:56am


Oct 10, 19 at 10:57am

I will use my vault suit again. Maybe need a ghoul mask to make it look spooky.

Oct 10, 19 at 11:04am

Captain America! You look sick as!

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