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What manga/anime character has similarities to you?


Whether by same gender or not. And why?

By my experience, Haruhi Suzumiya (oddball, chatterbox, usually wearing something on certain weekdays), Yuki Nagato (gathers knowledge, intellectual, interest in gaming, poor social abilities but mine are somewhat okay), Mashiro Shiina (limited obsessed interests, repetitive forms of speech, often laid back, and looks at very specific parts of things like for instance how Mashiro knows many types of panties) and Mio Akiyama (dependable, but very sensitive, shy and sometimes scaredy cat).


oh wev had a few of these

tomoko pretty obviously

though id like to be like tsumiki
that neety otaku that just needs some freshening up to be a beautiful princess

what girl doesnt want that i suppose xD


Tall dark character who likes to give life advice, has heaps of siblings, works in wildlife and has useful knowledge on the subject, while also being an eccentric romantic prone to explosions of indecent behaviour?

I'm brock.


I like to believe I'm a weird mix of Tanaka and Kyon. Maybe a tiny bit of L mixed in, but it feels wrong comparing myself to a genius rofl


whisp is the ultimate straight man


Naofumi Iwatani. Probably the only anime character I can actually empathize with.


I really like Futaba from Persona because of how much she resembles me. So yeah, I would pick that XD
Would say that I have a little bit of Neptune from Neptunia in me too xddd


I have never identified with someone better than I do with lelouche from CG. Including real life characters, and fictional ones. Ends justifys the means, and people like suzaku/ephemia people are naive.


Glad to see that there are some more Brock's out there. The world needs more Brock's.

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