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how heavy are the dumbbells you lift??


favorite characters? favorite exercises to do? any interesting irl gym stories? personal motivations?

tachibana-sensei is kawaii asf lol. struggling with everything but just doing her best :3333

hibiki-san is nice n thicc mmmmm

super new to exercise. turns out this shit is hard af lol. currently just trying to learn to squat properly and eat/plan meals that work. maybe someday i can SAIDO CHESTO irl and not look stupid rofl

also why does it seem like everyone has differing ideas of what is "proper" and what isnt? (proper form/diet/resting periods/training plans/etc) i think theres probably a little truth to what everyone says but i'm personally seeing more disagreements for the sake of disagreements than hard science and consistent data that supports it which sucks :(

Aug 27, 19 at 5:54pm
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Aug 27, 19 at 6:21pm

I'm at 35/35

doesn't really matter what you do honestly as long as you keep doing it on a regular schedule for a good span of time. keep it sustainable -
one hour a day every other day is better than saying you'll do three hours six days a week, unless you really think you can keep that up.

don't worry about optimizing unless you want to be a bodybuilder, although I heard that if you do a "push" exercise (lifting dumbbells for example) it's a good idea to balance it with a "pull" exercise (something like squats or that pulley-lifting-weights-thing)

incorporating cardio would be good (treadmill or steps) because it just improves how you feel overall. stretch/cardio/weights/stretch is my advice for a "routine", but again just do whatever you can commit to.


im 25/25 and tahts because i work out at home, weights are expensive ya know~ maybe ill buy 35's in the following month or two

Aug 27, 19 at 6:56pm

I would curl 45’ each arm back when I trained regularly. Would be able to do 100’ when using a curl bar. Best idea is to start with compound movements, and to take each rep slowly. Bench, row, squat, deadlift. Once you’ve built those up, then worry about the gun show haha. It’s also fun to include body weight exercises, once you’ve built some strength. Chin ups, push ups, box jumps, etc.

Aug 28, 19 at 1:14am

hibiki is best girl

i love the mild gyaru types

its a great anime, the educational bits are short, it has a real story, and the humor is great

Aug 28, 19 at 1:25am

mmm iv done mild and hard exercises

i did something similar to this routine every morning

along with running up and down the stairs for 5 minutes (short staircase tho)

i was trying to lose some pounds before leaving for england, and it helped

i dont think this kind of routine is sustainable though
its too intensive and though i did feel really good afterwards its hard to keep doing it

after that i took to going on walks (30 min) each day and even pacing my backyard (its about an acre i think?)
i prefer those because instead of being in my living room sweating i got to be outside and take in the air

the most i could lift? 10 pounds 3 sets of 10 ;w;

the user here max actually helped me out when it came to my form (with squats and arm curls)

but all that aside, i like to think i know a thing or two about diet and being healthy (though i dont follow my own knowledge xD) as iv been on many many many diets, and am a frequent browser of /fit/ (which does have good advice every now and then for putting on muscle bulking/cutting)

diet will always trump exercise if you want to be healthy, no if ands or buts
diets high in fiber and low in fats are the healthiest
the biggest reason people die of heart disease in america can be attributed to not eating enough fruits, fun fact

although this doesnt mean you have to become a monk

something i liked that dumbell noted was the cheat day system, its very true that if you give yourself a small break that that makes diet adherence much easier, and if you calculate those calories (Which you should always do, always count calories) you can plan a workout routine to specifically target that goal of burning.

hope this helps anyone curious


I hit the gym every other day, more if I have free time. Recently have been following the golden six routine but slightly altered. Try to get at least 3 miles on the treadmill after weight training. Been following an IF diet pretty strictly the past month. Feeling real good lately!

I've always been a fan of Hibiki's seiyuu so I guess she's my fave.

[Bruce] Weeb with Style commented on how heavy are the dumbbells you lift??
[Bruce] Weeb with Style
Aug 28, 19 at 1:49am

Come one people. There is only 1 charakter, which matter here

Aug 28, 19 at 2:13am

him being a cosplayer was pretty awesome :o

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