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Video game anime

Aug 25, 19 at 6:08pm

Which video game that has not already been adapted into an anime would you like to see get adapted?

Aug 25, 19 at 6:18pm

DOOM and Heretic/Hexen. It would be so kawaii. Somebody needs to do it.

IDC commented on Video game anime
Aug 25, 19 at 7:57pm
This account has been suspended.
eternallunar1 commented on Video game anime
Aug 26, 19 at 10:37pm

I still think we need a good Legend of Zelda anime. The closest we've ever gotten was the hilariously awful cartoon which Zelda fans hate.(Though, I have a soft spot for it despite it not being good) And I know there has been manga adaptation, and a Japanese Drama CD of A Link to the Past but still... I'd really love to see one get animated someday. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past in particular since it's the game of my childhood. ^_^

Or Link's Awakening, I'd love to see an anime of that one as well cause it's another favorite Zelda of mine on a very personal level.

Aug 26, 19 at 10:39pm

^What, you probably don't enjoy watching all the Zelda CDi cutscenes put together do you? That's a masterpiece of a show there.

Aug 26, 19 at 10:47pm

Dragon Quest

eternallunar1 commented on Video game anime
Aug 26, 19 at 10:57pm

We don't speak of Zelda CDI. xP

(Jk those Zelda cdi cutscenes was the best thing that ever came out of those games)

Lotus commented on Video game anime
Aug 26, 19 at 10:59pm

The Legend of Dragoon. Magnificent story! I love it, favorite game of all time.

Aug 28, 19 at 7:09pm

Jazz Jackrabbit!
Yes, that would be perfect, especially since rabbits are one of Japan's favourite folklore animals.

rinse commented on Video game anime
Aug 28, 19 at 7:17pm

visual novels tend to be very well suited for anime adaptions in particular
uhhhh off the top of my head Remember11 is a terribly obscure game that might make a terrific video game

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